The most successful interventions utilize a professional leader. By using an outside person, who specifically specializes in conducting interventions, the family, friends and co-workers involved are then presented as a unified group. This is beneficial because then no one person is singled out as the individual who initiated the confrontation. It is much harder to manipulate a group than an individual.

A professional interventionist educates, orchestrates and guides the intervention process from start to finish. They help to alleviate the emotional turmoil all those involved feel.

Each intervention is different. Each has its own unique circumstances and participants. The best course of action must be carefully determined. Some “surprises” take longer to plan than others. Each intervention has its own personality and set of characteristics – and because of this – there is no set time frame or cost.

What we can offer is the opportunity for dramatic healing for both families and participants once the decision to act has been made and completed with detox, rehabilitation or counseling. An intervention is the ultimate act of caring on behalf of families and friends for a loved one.

At Intervention Strategies, we specialize in assessing, orchestrating and successfully completing interventions for individuals, family members and executives experiencing self-destructive behaviors. This includes:

  • alcohol abuse
  • drug abuse
  • eating disorders
  • gambling
  • depression
  • computer addiction
  • any behavior that is negatively impacting the quality of life