Intervention Strategies provides transitional housing through the Recovery Zone. The Recovery Zone currently has two locations providing community based, shared, supportive housing in a completely safe and drug-free environment. Residents are often referred from treatment centers, detox units, psychiatric hospitals, and the courts. All residents sign an agreement to remain abstinent from all chemicals except for prescribed medications. Residents are encouraged to obtain gainful employment, attend and actively participate in community support groups and become productive members of their community.

These clean, bright residences in sunny Delray Beach, Florida offer everything an individual would need to make a fresh healthy start. Each apartment develops the personality of its residents, and at most, three people share a two bedroom/one bath unit. One bedroom/one bath apartments, which can accommodate two people, also are available. In addition, one single-family house in available for women only.

For more information on the availability of bed space or to learn how you can start operating your own Recovery Zone, please contact us or visit our website at